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  1. Yesterday
  2. Concluded, no abuse noted. If you feel this is unfair feel free to contact me.
  3. doesn't matter i slept 10 h and ban whas 8h
  4. player caled jaky or somting like thet whas breaking all rulls thet could existe we ass players disided to trap him in spawn we all knew pasword to 3 gates i created he wold resist arest by chainging jobs and it whas allmoust inposible to beate him buth after i realased thet onli wheay to beat his prop bloking by our and tolld the same to team we blocked him in and he changed job he whas traped there where rumers thet admin or mod whas waching him and doing nothing and as it seams it whas true he baned me and wall thet ceaped thet monster from escaping brouke what heapend next i dont konow buth i know i whas banned without a trile it whas instant ban and one of 2 reasons whas random murder wich i didnt comit
  5. Last week
  6. Back again. Guess whos back, Tell a friend
  7. Welcome back dude, glad to have you on the team 🙂
  8. Currently under investigation.
  9. Hello, I've been going around the server just walking. Now i must say my behaviour was quite abnormal, but there was still no reason for staff member Naethon to pick me up. Yes, Naethon picked me up with physgun for no appearant reason and just started moving me around and about all kinds of places. Video evicence:
  10. Hello all! I'm Serpent, I don't believe I know most of you guys. But I've known Paw for quite some time now; and I've been on a ton of old communities with him before. So I'm glad to be here!
  11. im deadpool, but worse
  12. thats a fat chicken ngl
  13. I want to eat some tasty chicken.
  14. Earlier
  15. Hello Chicken, welcome to the community!
  16. General Rules 1.1 - Do not kill people without a valid roleplay reason. 1.2 - Do not do anything unrealistic out of context, you must be able to realistically justify all of your actions. 1.3 - Do not run away, ignore or pull out a weapon when someone has you at gunpoint 1.4 - Do not purposefully mess around. 1.5 - Do not, or attempt to, use OOCly obtained information for an IC advantage 1.6 - Do not purposefully go against the instructions of a staff member. 1.7 - Do not return to the place in which you died for at least 5 minutes. 1.7a - Do not return to any situations in which you died until said situation is over. 1.8 - Do not leave in order to avoid a staff punishment 1.9 - Do not leave in order to avoid a roleplay situation OOC Rules 2.1 - Do not disrespect any member of the community. 2.2 - Do not use any sexist, homophobic, racist or otherwise discriminatory language OOCly. 2.3 - Do not swear excessively in OOC chats. 2.4 - Do not spam voice chat, local text chat or OOC. 2.5 - Do not promote any form of violence or harassment; or threaten any member of the community. 2.6 - Do not advertise any other community, website or profit organization. 2.7 - Do not use any third party software to gain an advantage over other players. 2.8 - Do not purposefully give false information to staff. Tools and Prop Rules 3.1 - Do not use props for any purpose other than building. 3.2 - Do not spawn an excessive amount of props. 3.3 - Do not build in areas you do not own, unless you are a Hobo. 3.3a - Do not build on any roads unless you have permission from a staff member. 3.4 - Do not use props to build traps or any other contraption to give yourself an advantage over other players. 3.5 - Do not use props to gain access to any rooftops. Base and Building Rules 4.1 - Do not use 1 way props in order to shoot through them. 4.2 - Do not use props that fade away with a button in order to shoot. 4.2a - Using a button on toggle mode is allowed. 4.2b - Using a keypad to fade away the prop is allowed. 4.3 - Do not have more than 4 fadings doors leading to your base. 4.3a - This does not include printer holders etc. 4.4 - Fading Doors must be on a 5 second hold when opened. 4.5 - Keypads and Buttons must not be hidden and must not be materialized. 4.6 - KOS Areas are only allowed within the property. 4.7 - Secret areas are allowed, but must be easily accessible. 4.8 - Do not have any crouch/jump sections within your base to gain access. 4.9 - Do not spawn any entities if you have a building sign. 4.10 - Do not have any parkour sections within your base to gain access. 4.11 - Do not use blackout/colourout bases. 4.12 - KOS Signs must be font size 50 or larger. 4.13 - Do not build whilst being raided. 4.14 - Custom corridors/fading doors must fit two people in both directions (width and depth). RP Relations 5.1 - Do not protect people without an established reason. 5.2 - Do not have RP relations with an opposing faction. 5.3 - The following reasons are valid RP relations: 5.3a - Job or Class e.g. Italian Mafia 5.3b - Owning the same base 5.3c - Custom gangs 5.3d - Hired or working together 5.3e - Customer relationship Crime Rules 6.1 - Mugging 6.1a - You must wait 2 minutes between muggings. 6.1b - You must wait 20 minutes between mugging the same person. 6.1c - Do not mug people for over $10,000 6.1d - You must grant 15 seconds for your victim to comply. 6.1d(i) - Your victim must be aware you are mugging them.. 6.2 - Kidnapping 6.2a - You must wait 15 minutes between kidnappings. 6.2b - You must wait 60 minutes between kidnapping the same person. 6.2c - Do not charge a ransom of more than $75,000 6.2c(i) - You may charge a ransom of up to $250,000 for the President. 6.2d - You must release the hostage after 30 minutes have passed. 6.2d(i) - You do not have to do so if you are actively negotiating. 6.3 - Raiding 6.3a - You must wait 15 minutes between raids. 6.3b - You must wait 45 minutes between raiding the same base. 6.3b(i) - You must wait 30 minutes between PD raids. 6.3b(ii) - You must wait 25 minutes between bank raids. 6.3c - Do not re-enter the base once you have left. 6.3d - Do not remain in the base for longer than 15 minutes. 6.3e - You may KOS anyone in the immediate area of the raid. 6.3 - Carjacking 6.3a - You must wait 15 minutes between carjackings. 6.3b - You must wait 60 minutes between carjacking the same person. 6.3c - Do not charge a ransom of more than $75,000 per car 6.3d - You must release the car after 30 minutes have passed. 6.3d(i) - You do not have to do so if you are actively negotiating. Job Rules 7.1 - Do not commit any crimes unless you are one of the following jobs (Job Abuse) Lean Producer Thief Master Thief Hitman Italian Mafia Leader Italian Mafia Member Russian Mafia Leader Russian Mafia Member Gangster Meth Cook Pro Meth Cook Cocaine Dealer Weed Grower Marauder Hacker
  17. I am chicken and I play some darkRP.
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