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  1. Community & Server Information

    1. News & Announcements

      News & Announcements about the community, servers and rules.

    2. Updates

      Update threads for new things our Developers create!

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    3. Red Carpet

      New to the community? Introduce yourself here!

  2. DarkRP Server

    1. Suggestions

      Have an idea for the server? Post it in here and our development team will review it.

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    2. Gangs

      Hiring people to join your gang? Want to flex your gang? Post here!

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  3. Entertainment

    1. News

      Anything new in the world, upcoming games, wars or policy, put it in here!

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    2. Discussions

      Participate and share your opinion in all different kinds of discussions here.

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    3. Off-Topic

      shitty memes and spam

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  4. The Courthouse

    1. Player Reports

      File a report against a player for an alleged rule violation.

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    2. Suspension Appeal

      Make an unban request here if you think your ban wasn't justified.

    3. Staff Report

      Create reports here about admins who you think have been abusing their powers or broken the rules they are entrusted to enforce.

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